Advanced Hearing Aid Center Testimonials

Advanced Hearing Aid Center loves to hear good things from our customers. We appreciate the positive feedback and will continue to post more testimonials in the future. If you would like to submit one, please let us know.

To Whom it May Concern,

"I was having difficulty hearing parts of conversations and the television. I felt that I was missing a lot of important information and it was embarrassing to ask people to repeat things to me. So I decided that it was time to get a hearing test and find out if I needed hearing aids.

I made appointments with a couple of nationally known hearing specialists and found that they were so expensive to purchase and maintain that I could not afford them. I am on a fixed income and they required payment in full at the time of purchase and this was not something that I could do, so I decided that I would have to do without.

Then I saw an advertisement for Advanced Hearing Aid Center and made an appointment. When I went in, I met Eldon Kellogg, a hearing aid fitting specialist. He immediately made me feel welcome and at ease. Eldon performed a hearing test and told me that I did need to wear hearing aids.

We sat down and he showed me several different types of hearing aids and showed me how each one worked and let me decide which one would work best for me. Once I made the decision, Eldon set them up on his computer, which was very interesting, and then he gave them to me to try for a few days to make sure that they met my needs. We then discussed the price and I found that they were a fraction of the cost of the other guys, and that this included lifetime maintenance.

I wore them home that day and have been wearing them every since. Eldon Kellogg and the Advanced Hearing Aid Center improved my quality of life and I will be forever grateful for this. I will recommend him to all of my friends and family."

Jerry Brodeur, Spokane