Hearing Aid Products in Spokane, WA

Advanced Hearing Aid Center offers competitive pricing on top hearing aids including Unitron, Phonak, and Siemens. We also repair most brands. For hearing accessories, please view available products below.



unitronThe Quantum² hearing aid from Advanced Hearing Center offers natural sound quality, with four levels to choose from. Each level offers a mix of technological features to fit with your preferences and lifestyle. This product lessens background noise and amplifies speech so you can hear those around you speaking more clearly. If you’re a music lover, this hearing aid is perfect for you as it makes all music sound more rich and pure. The controls are effortless to use and its comfortable design is great for active days. Find a style just right for you by choosing from several in-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles. With the 20, 16, 10, and E models available, you can receive sound across as many as 20 channels. Self- learning settings begin to recognize your preferred settings automatically. The AntiShock feature eliminates jarring, loud sounds without effecting pleasant sounds. Pair these with accessories such as the uMic, Unitron Remote, Micro CIC Remote, Smart Control, uDirect2, and Utv2.


The Moxi² offers three styles in sleek, modern designs available with four levels of technology so you can choose the right mix of features to create the perfect sound profile. No matter where you go in a day, the Moxi² makes speech clearer in any environment. This product works in the background for easier listening so you don’t have to spend time adjusting your settings. This innovative brand offers more choices, so it’s easy to find one to fit your specific needs. Like the Quantum², there are 20, 16, 10, and E models available, so you can receive sound across as many as 20 channels. The AntiShock feature eliminates uncomfortable, startling sounds without effecting pleasant sounds. Pair these with accessories such as the uMic, Unitron Remote, Smart Control, uDirect2, and Utv2.

Wireless/Bluetooth—free with most purchases of hearing aids

Hear your TV and Cell phone hands free - in both hearing aids - with just a touch of a button. Unitron offers the most advanced Bluetooth technology with the UDirect2 and UTV2 system. Another exciting feature is the UMic. A small wireless microphone that you can have your spouse wear to hear better. The UMic is also wonderful to use at church or business meetings.


phonakDaily communications is now easier and less tiring thanks to SoundRecover. This unique approach ensures audibility of high frequency key information like "s" or "sh". It also enhances everyday sounds like birdsongs, telephone rings, alarms and doorbells. It may even improve the quality of your own voice. Whistling can significantly impact audiblity and comfort. By removing annoying feedback, Naida helps you enjoy hearing without compromising sound quality. Naida provides a smooth hearing experience by automatically and continuously adapting its settings to your environment, whether you are attending a concert, sitting in a car or enjoying your friends and family.

You can wear Naida while exercising, engaging in outdoor sports, chilling beside the pool, or even when caught in the rain. Though flexible and robust, Naida is not designed for use in the shower or while swimming and diving. For those who want to make sure Naida stays in place, Secure 'n Stay is the perfect accessory.

Wireless/Bluetooth—free with most purchases of hearing aids

We have three wireless products available for you to enjoy optimal hearing and convenience. iCom provides wireless connectivity to mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, televisions and global positioning systems (GPS). myPilot is a stylish and convenient remote control that also displays current program and volume level, and includes time/date and alarm. iView status viewer is the perfect support for parents, teachers and caregivers, giving easy information about battery status, program settings and volume.

The design-integrated FM solution enables communication in difficult environments where distance, noise or echo can occur. It is the world's first water resistant communication system.


siemensThe Motion hearing aid is for new and current hearing aid wearers who prize ease-of-use above all else. Motion is a rechargeable hearing aid that eliminates clumsy battery swaps and the unforeseen battery fade that puts the wearer out of touch until the new battery can be installed.

Motion is loaded with amps, designed to power up for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. Motion comes in six behind-the-ear designs, two performance levels, 14 color choices and a full line of custom models.

If wireless connectivity is important, Motion can be fitted with wireless connectivity that turns it into a digital receiver and transmitter. Motion also comes loaded with convenience features to simplify an already hectic life. Motion has you covered. Hear more, hear more easily.